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preservation and restoration on the Old Danube

Dunajské Luhy Landscape Protected Area

Itiner of the planned route Full screen view Boundary of the national park   GPS-readable route (GPX fomrat) www.dunaj.broz.sk The GPS-readable version of the map can be found on the site openmaps.eu Photos of the national parks can be found on the site pecsifoto.hu.

Protected landscape area Dunajské luhy with area of 12 284 ha is situated on the Podunajská nížina lowland in the geomorphological unit Podunajská rovina plain, beside the Slovak - Hungarian section of the Danube from Bratislava to the Veľkolélsky ostrov island in the district Komárno. It consists of five separate parts. This unique area is situated on the whole natural levee of Danube.

System of natural levee, depressions, and the accumulation of a dense network of river branches with a prevalence of sedimentation accumulation, was established before the interventions in the natural hydrological regime of Danube. Only a part of side-arm system is preserved today between Dobrohoš and Sap, but remains still one of the largest inland river delta in Europe. Depending on hydrological conditions on relatively small area along the Danube forest, wetland, and psamofilous meadows communities evolved.


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