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Donau-Auen National Park

Itiner of the planned route Full screen view Boundary of the national park   GPS-readable route (GPX fomrat) www.donauauen.at The GPS-readable version of the map can be found on the site openmaps.eu Photos of the national parks can be found on the site pecsifoto.hu.

The Donau-Auen National Park is situated between the twin cities of Vienna and Bratislava, where the natural floodplains form a green corridor along the Danube.


The National Park offers several information points, including the main visitor centre in Orth/Donau. There, in the exhibition, you can experience the dynamics of floodplain ecosystems and the history and geography of the National Park. The outdoor area of the visitor centre introduces you to some main species of the floodplains and their traces, which you can detect on your walk through the surrounding nature.

The National Park also offers tours by walking or on boats, in side-arms and along the Danube. Experienced rangers will let you discover the secrets of nature and tell you astonishing details about fauna and flora.


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