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Persina Nature Park

Itiner of the planned route Full screen view Boundary of the national park   GPS-readable route (GPX fomrat) www.persina.bg The GPS-readable version of the map can be found on the site openmaps.eu Photos of the national parks can be found on the site pecsifoto.hu.

Persina Nature Park is the only nature park, situated along the Bulgarian river valley of Danube river.The designation of the Park aims at conservation and restoration of Danube wetlands. There are the biggest Bulgarian and The fourth in the Europe Danube Island named Persin. Persin island has given the name of the Nature Park. Its length is 15 km and in width reaches 6 km.


The unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritage combined with the hospitality of the local people has created conditions for development of ornithological, educational, fishing and other forms of ecotourism. In 2002 the directorate of Nature Park Persina started the construction of park infrastructure. They are built "Relaxation places" near the Danube, hiding-place for observation of birds and bicycle paths to protected area "Kaykusha".

The water route "in the embrace of Danube" allows a boat to tour around some parts of the islands that come within the park with rest on the island "Golyama Barzina", where during the breeding season are mixed colony of herons and cormorants, and in the winter - from pelicans and swans. The starting point of the route is the urban beach of Belene. The duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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