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Duna-Ipoly National Park

Itiner of the planned route Full screen view Boundary of the national park   GPS-readable route (GPX fomrat) www.dinpi.hu The GPS-readable version of the map can be found on the site openmaps.eu Photos of the national parks can be found on the site pecsifoto.hu.

The area of the Duna-Ipoly National Park includes the Pilis, Visegrád and Börzsöny hills, the valley of the Ipoly between Hont and Balassagyarmat, and some parts of the Szentendre Island. The National Park gets its uniqueness from the confrontation of three different landscapes: river valleys, hills and plains. As a result this area is very diverse, which is exceptional in our country.

The Danube Curve

The Danube Curve is the most beautiful instance of connection between the Danube and hills concerning scenic and geological value. There are both volcanic and sedimentary rocks on the site of the national park, as well as pro and degrading reefs on the gravel in the river valley that change even today.

The Danube Curve is a daily tourist spot, weekend resting place and permanent holiday resort of the population of Budapest and its surroundings, where their demands for resting, hiking and sporting must be met as well. This area is for backpackers and winter sports, where on-foot walking tours are typical.


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